Water Damage Restoration in Rockhampton

Water Damage Restoration Equipment — Water Damage Restoration in Rockhampton, QLD

Fast & Effective Water Damage Restoration

When disaster strikes we are just a phone call away. Your local industry trained, certified professional available 24/7 you can be assured that we can take care of any water that turns up where is not supposed to be.

With the latest specialised equipment for powerful detection, extraction, drying and humidification we got you covered. Burst plumbing, leaking roof or sewerage back flow we are certified to inspect, report and restore it all.

What We Do For Water Damage

  • Assess effected areas/Ir camera and meters
  • identify the source and contain.
  • Immediate extraction to prevent further damage
  • For sewerage back flow trained for OHS standards
  • Remove Effected Materials
  • Anti-Microbial treatments/fogging
  • Set up and monitor a drying system
  • Relay and reinstall flooring
  • Provide a detailed report for insurance.